#MenAreTrash: See ways to raise boys who won’t grow up to be trash

​With such tutoring, you will be turning your son into a man so worthy of loving.

Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.

The Internet is not relenting on the Men Are Trash hashtag. No other hashtag in the history of hashtags has united women against men as much as this one.

While neither in support nor against the hashtag, this article offers some fantastic ways to raise boys who won’t grow up to become trash.

So, here you go!

Model kindness so he can be kind. Men basically have this big ego. It isn’t necessarily something they were born with as much as it is the privileges the society accords them simply for being boys.

So, it is important that you teach them humility not just by telling them but by showing them with your own actions.

Teach him how to appreciate more than the eyes can see. This is very important. When a boy is taught how to appreciate a lady not just for her looks, he grows up respecting women and most likely seeing them as equals. He needs to understand that girls can be smart and not just pretty.

Develop his confidence! Rejection can cause more than just self damage. It can spiral into other people too. If a girl rejects him and he lacks confidence, he might go out and find unacceptable ways to forcefully get what he wants. So teach him to be confident and that rejection is not a threat to his manliness or life.

Teach him about language and the power of words. At his early age, teach him to avoid bad language and words by never using them yourself mindlessly. Mind your language when you’re around him and call him to order when he picks it from other sources.

Let him know he doesn’t always have to follow his friends. His friends might not have had the kind of training you have offered him. Help him know that he doesn’t have to follow suit.

However, let him know that going against the ways of his friends might be a bigger challenge than usual. Peer pressure is real and tough.

Show him that it is good to be a gentleman. Teach him how to get up for a lady; how to share his pencils with her. To show concern and emotions when she is crying. Basically show him how to care and to give.

With such tutoring, you will be turning your son into a man so worthy of loving that when it is the appropriate time, and the right girl comes along, you will be happy you helped shape him into the loving caring man he has become.

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