“I Am Not Single”- Niniola Reveals On the INSIDER, Read what she has to say about her male fans 

GISTMP3 INSIDER went about a brief interview with the Maradona crooner and lady of the moment Niniola,Despite her tight schedules she gave the insider her spare moment to partake in the interview. On her interview with the INSIDER she talks about her growing up,her relationships, her challenges and many more.The interview with the INSIDER went as follows………

WHAT’S YOUR FULL NAME AND WHERE ARE YOU FROM?my names are NINIOLA APATA and I am from EKITI STATE.                                        

How was growing up like…?Growing up for me was fun as I lived in a house with a large family.My Late Dad was married with 3 wives and we all lived in a big house with my siblings and other relatives. I was my Dads favorite so it made everything kind of easy as no one could lay a finger on me lol. It was fun and we all Loved each other.  

  When and why did you start music? Well I started Music from when I was young and It was because of Passion, My Love for music knows no bounds. As a kid i used to listen to my Dads collections and then he had a camcorder he will use it to record me whenever i was dancing.And in school then I also had something like a request show, my friends will mention a song and then I will sing it to them. So i guess you can see it was right from when i was little lol.

How was your first studio experience like? Well My first studio experience was wonderful and everyone got to experience it too and that was IBADI. And I thank God for that. Sarz made it fun and worth it.   

Who is your favorite artiste? I have a lot o! from foreign to Local. the List is end

What inspires your music?My mood and the happenings around me inspires what I write/sing about.

How do you handle mistakes during a performance? Mistakes during performances hmmm…I haven’t fallen off stage so if you are talking about singing or dancing mistakes well I guess the best way is to just continue.

 Do you get nervous before a performance? Nope I never get Nervous because i always go there to do me and nothing more…Its not a competition so lets all have fun

So What inspired the hot tune MARADONA.. Where you heart broken or something? Nah I wasn’t heartbroken and it was inspired by my experience and other peoples experiences pieced together. As a songwriter you need to know how to paint the right picture when creating.

That brings us to the question… Are you into any relationship at the moment. yes I am currently dating.

Do you have any plans of international collaboration? If Yes which international artiste do you have in mind?LOL I am sure every artiste wants this. well as you know i was on Eddy Kenzo’s song Mbilo Mbilo remix (we won the award for Best African Collaboration AFRIMA), I featured Drastic from the Carribean on the remix of Shaba. And I sure hope to have more.

What has been your biggest challenge so far? and How do you cope with your male fans? I am sure i have the same challenge everyone has which funds, apart from that nothing more I guess.And yeah I love my fans both male and female they are very well behaved and mannered so its good.

Please give out a word of inspiration to your fans and also drop all your social media handles? Never Let anyone tell you its impossible or you can’t do it..Never take No and keep going till you get what you want. My social media handles are @officialniniola on twitter,instagram,facebook and my website is officialniniola.com. Thank you.

Just for the fun…  Ghana Jollof or Nigerian Jollof?  And why do you choose one over the other.I actually like both LOL…

So to  round it up tell your fans what they should be expecting from you?They should expect more HITs and then the album.

On Behalf of the Team we say a big thank you to you: You are welcome and thanKS too for having this interview with me 

You can download Maradona below 




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