Banky W On Davido & Wizkid’s Big Win – “What’s Better Than One Superstar? Two”

We have heard these words from Banky W before in July 2017 and here he is with the same words again reminding Wizkid and Davido that there is enough room in the sky for more than one star to shine.

This speech was posted on Instagram in celebration of the great win by Nigerian superstars Wizkid and Davido who are both having an awesome time this year winning awards locally and internationally. In the speech, he started with being proud of Davido for winning three international awards so far this year but not forgetting to acknowledge the fact that his former artiste turned brother, Wizkid has also won internationally, stating that these two have made not just Nigeria but Africa proud and that is worth celebrating.

He went further to address the fans who put them against each other stating that you do not have to choose between them because you can love them both and enjoy the music they both deliver.

While we are at it, Bigups to another young legend @davidoofficialon his wins.. this talented lad came into the game, never stopped working and never stopped winning. And I’m so proud of him as well.

What’s better than one Superstar? Two.
Wiz and David are both extremely important to the Naija/African music movement and culture, and I personally HATE it when ppl try to make it seem like you have to choose one or the other. There’s enough room in the sky for all of our stars to fly, so instead of us encouraging a childish, petty narrative that never ends well (remember Pac/Biggie?), we shld encourage all of our acts to be all they can be. I don’t wanna choose. Why should I have to? I want Wiz AND David AND Olamide AND Kiss Daniel AND Tiwa AND Yemi and eeeeevery last one of us who have somehow managed to break through, to remain successful and relevant. I pray the same for all our upcoming talents who are about to make it.

After all, no one wins when the family feuds. I’m clear why I’m here.. how about you? #jayzvoice#thebankstatements


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