5 Manscaping Secrets Every Nigerian Guy Should Know

Manscaping’ is a subject most Nigerian guys shy away from, because the removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body for cosmetic purposes reeks a little too ‘metro’.

There is also the belief that “rugged” is the epic, male look. However, the men who indulge in this cleaning up act, testify that taking pride in theit bodies has a way of boosting confidence.

The great thing about manscaping is that you do not need to have the most amazing gym body to put it into practice. It is for everyone. Certainly, you can do this with full dignity. And to help you out, here are five easy tricks to remove unwanted hair.

Use the right tools
There are two basic rules to successful manscaping: either wax or trim. A number of Nigerian men opt for trimming, and so they rely on disposable razors/shaving sticks and scissors.

While a disposable razor and some random shaving cream may cut it in a last-minute situation, the option ensures that your endeavor takes hours. Sometimes, it leaves you with prickly patches and severe razor burn. Also, you run the risk of ingrown hairs, especially around your crotch area. You want to invest in a little more quality, for times you want to do some proper manscaping.

Splurge on an electric trimmer with adjustable settings for length. It is the quickest method. For your back and shoulders, however, waxing is a better choice.

Remember to keep your face and body grooming tools separate. Also, clean and oil your trimmer blades to keep them sharp before storing them.

Stretch the skin, when shaving sensitive areas
It’s no secret that most sensitive areas in the male body, especially crotch area, features skin fold and grooves. When shaving these areas, do not rush. With your free hand, carefully stretch this area or pull the loose skin tight, to create a flat surface. This allows you to get at the hair. Then, make sure your hand is steady and you use slow, even strokes. Slow and steady definitely wins this race. However, if you get nicked in the process, don’t panic. Just rinse with cold water until the wound stops bleeding. You may also rub in a small amount of unscented petroleum jelly.

Shave in the right direction
Believe it or not, your hair grows in a certain way and direction, and if you want to maintain a smooth skin after your manscaping, you need to shave in the direction of hair growth, not against the grain.

Examine the direction your hair is pointing toward and shave in smooth, even strokes.

This method is less likely to cause irritation or bumps, as your tools won’t be tugging hairs in a direction they aren’t used to going. It will also help you avoid the dreaded after-shave stubble and trapped ingrown hairs.

Shave when wet
The last thing you want to do when shaving your pubes, is doing so when the skin is dry.

Most people use shaving gel, or they lather up with regular old bar soap, but it is always better to do it after you have taken a hot shower. Shaving after a hot shower allows your skin to soften and loosens dirt and oils.

Also, the dampness naturally lubricates the area, preventing hairs from pulling; this redices the irritation on your delicate parts.

Always moisturize after
Moisturizing after manscaping is essential, if you want to feel fresh for the rest of the day.

Most aftershaves have the tendency to even dry up your face some more, which is not what your sheared hair follicles need. Moisturizing eases the prickly feeling and basically reduces itching and irritation.

If after using a moisturizer, the itching continues, you might have folliculitis or a bacterial or fungal infection and the best move would be to visit a dermatologist for diagnosis treatment

Bonus Tip: Ensure you do not wear tight underwear after manscaping. Go for underwear with soft cotton or silk to avoid any form of discomfort.

Source: BellaNaija 


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